T1 #5513 and proud crew member at Rose Lake, East St. Louis, Ill. Aug 3, 1948


The Pennsylvania Railroad's class T1 4-4-4-4 Steam Locomotive. WOW! The highlight of the Altoona and Baldwin Locomotive Shops during the late steam years was the construction of 52 of these Greyhounds built for fast Passenger service. Early 1942, 2 "prototypes" were constructed. They were T1 #'s 6110 and 6111. The following 4 years saw the completion of the order, although these 50 T1's had a slightly different nose shroud. With the help of Industrial Designer Raymond Loewy, the T1's looked fast just sitting there. They routinely hauled Passenger Trains at high speeds in the flat lands of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. They saw service into the Harrisburg, Altoona, Pittsburgh and St. Louis areas as well. By the very early 1950's, the onsluaght of the Diesels was too much to warrant the continuation of the T1's. Sadly, no T1's were saved from the scrap torch.

Below is a nice sampling of T1 Photographs in the form of both Roster and Action type views. Thanks to the photographers of the past, the younger generations get to see the last of the great Steam Locomotives today. Enjoy the pics.....


PRR T1 5500 Dayton, Ohio Circa 1948
PRR T1 5501 Chicago, Ill. 3-1-46
PRR T1 5502 Chicago RR Fair, 8-17-48 (d)
PRR T1 5503 Valparaiso, Ind. 10-15-46 (e)
PRR T1 5504 Chicago, Ill 10-10-46
PRR T1 5506 Chicago, Ill. 5-1-46 (e)
PRR T1 5508 Harrisburg, Pa. 5-31-45 (a)
PRR T1 5509 Harrisburg, Pa. 11-24-46
PRR T1 5512 Harrisburg, Pa. 7-8-50
PRR T1 5513 Chicago, Ill. 8-11-46 (b)
PRR T1 5514 Chicago, Ill. 3-8-48 (e)
PRR T1 5515 Chicago, Ill. 3-2-47 (e)
PRR T1 5516 St. Louis, Mo. 10-4-46
PRR T1 5517 Fort Wayne, In. 7-?-46
PRR T1 5518 St. Louis, Mo. 8-3-47
PRR T1 5519 Chicago, Ill. 9-1-46 (e)
PRR T1 5523 Richmond, Ind. 7-?-48
PRR T1 5524 Harrisburg, Pa. 11-24-46
PRR T1 5526 Crestline, Ohio 10-13-46 (c)
PRR T1 5527 Englewood, Ill. 8-11-46 (e)
PRR T1 5530 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-17-48
PRR T1 5533 Chicago, Ill. 8-27-46
PRR T1 5534 Chicago, Ill 5-3-47 (e)
PRR T1 5535 Chicago, Ill. 4-?-47
PRR T1 5536 Crestline, Ohio ?-?-46
PRR T1 5537 Englewood, Ill. 11-6-49
PRR T1 5539 Chicago Ill. ?-?-46 (c)
PRR T1 5543 Huntington, Pa. 7-9-50
PRR T1 5544 Unkown Location Circa 1947
PRR T1 5545 Harrisburg, Pa. 8-15-48
PRR T1a 5547 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-?-49
PRR T1 5548 Harrisburg, Pa. 4-25-48 (b)
PRR T1 6110 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-8-43


Photo Credits: (a) William V. Russell, (b) Howard Davis, (c) Paul Prescott, (d) William E. Grant (e) Charles E. Winters


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