Hello, and welcome. These pages , in time, will feature Photographs of PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD STEAM LOCOMOTIVES. Sorry, No Diesels allowed! Not yet anyway. I will try to include as many classes as possible. I have an extensive inventory of Pennsy photographs so be sure to check back in from time to time to view whats new.

As you can see, the Pennsy had a vast fleet of sub-classes when it came to Locomotives. I will add more photos of each class to this list once I get more of them scanned. In the future I would like to make a seperate web-page to post all 425 K4s's the Pennsy owned. I now have all the K4s photos in my collection. I will announce it here when the site is ready.


My new webpages dedicated to the PRR Class K4s Pacific is now completed. Please stop in and view what I have done. Click on the link just below.

And check out these pages as well...


Special Note!!!
A special Thanks goes out to Clint Chamberlin for scanning some of my photo collection. If some of the photos look familiar they are also included on his site at: It is an EXCELLENT source for more PRR Photos as well. One of the best on the net!!!


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